Saturday, November 9, 2013

It's about the frame

I'm tempted to make a new rule for myself, 'I don't do vertical.' A row of horizontal rectangles is boring you say. Well then, why not square? circular? triangular? This is the frame I work with. It's 35mm, the same size, the same proportions every time. That'll do for me.

To get the full effect click and see the larger version. One of the photos on the wall is looking at you.

Taken on the stairs after the museum attendant at the Graves Art Gallery chased me out. At first, I didn't notice the hunched figure on the right edge of the frame. I'm guessing that the 'birds' mobile is a school kids project.

Chef and waiter taking a quick cigarette break outside the Pizza Express, Peace Gardens Sheffield. The stainless steel stop sign was the first thing that caught my attention. The effect of all the vertical lines is disturbing.

A view of Newark Castle, Newark upon Trent which you probably haven't seen before. The second shadow is my eldest daughter Ruth, who came along for the car ride.

This was done with a 24mm lens on my Ricoh KR-10 Super SLR. The other three were with a Leica Mini-Zoom 35-70mm. I need an unobtrusive camera to carry around in my pocket, and the plastic Leica is a good ruse to put people off the fact that I'm going about things with a sense of purpose. The Ricoh is for when I don't have to worry.

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