Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Absent presence

'The inescapble fact is that the world is a human world. The human being is in every photograph you take, whether you actually see a human being there or not, just because the photograph was taken by a human being. But that is not news. The common factor, factors out.' — Metaphysics of the Photograph

Car park opposite Sheffield Bus Interchange. I wasn't trying to make a point or express a mood. I just like the image. I liked what I saw enough to take the camera out and shoot it. But looking at it now there seems to be something extra that wasn't in my mind at the time, at least consciously — the question: Why isn't there anyone here? What happened?

Here too:

Newark Castle, sacked and burned by the Roundheads in the English Civil War after a protracted siege.

Gardens of Beauchief Abbey, Sheffield.


  1. Can anyone else post a comment? Oh I have it!

    Raw urban philosophical art.

    1. Yes, anyone can post a comment on these pages, but comments are moderated to prevent spam.