Thursday, June 23, 2016


Jean-Luc Goddard's sci-fi movie 'Alphaville' (1965) is an enduring memory from my early teens. My parents took me to see the film at the Academy Cinema, Oxford Street London when I was just 14. Rewatching it now in my attic study surrounded by computers, the movie seems astonishingly prophetic. Today, computers run every detail of our lives. Soon they will rule us.

Filming around the streets of Paris, Goddard conjures up a bizarre alternative world made out of the familiar glass and chome steel of contemporary architecture. Human beings have lost their free will. Ace detective Lemmie Caution played by the legendary tough guy actor Eddie Constantine arrives in his 'Ford Galaxy' space ship to fight back against the machine, aided by a beautiful unworldly Anna Karina playing the daughter of the evil scientist responsible.

All photographs shot in Sheffield City Centre. In 40 years architects have not lost their taste for steel, glass and concrete.

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