Thursday, October 30, 2014

Millennium Gallery Sheffield

I liked the look of the white walls and semi-reflective surfaces, so I shot half a roll of 35mm film. The result — a mini 'photo series'.

I don't have a lot a lot to say about these. There is a glimmer of the silver world I have been searching for. An alternate reality.

There's a kind of Escher visual paradox in the first image, where the man on the right appears to be merging into the wall (in fact, it is the merged images of two people, one of them reflected).

The fourth image (the 'selfie') is in focus, if you look closely. Probably not apparent in the photograph is the fact that the image is reversed. (A clue is that I am holding my camera, a Leica Mini 3 point-and-shoot, in my right hand.)

The negative was causing Newton's rings in the film scanner so I had to reverse the film in the negative carrier, keeping the shiny side away from the lamp. I originally intended to reverse the image back in Photoshop but, somehow, this looks better as it is. The viewer is looking 'out' from the semi-reflective surface.

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